Tuesday, October 24, 2017

It's good to be home

Well hello! I'm writing to you from our new home!! 

It was a whirlwind of a weekend but we are getting settled slow but sure. Other than having my baby and marrying my husband, I've never been happier. This is our dream home and we are constantly pinching ourselves that we get to live here. I've gone from teary (with happiness) to giggling like a little girl more than once over the past few days.

Here's some shots I've taken of our home and the process. 
felt letter board Walmart

I found that letter board sign months ago at Walmart after a blog friend shared her find. Less than ten bucks people!! When we decided to move I knew exactly where I was going to put it. (In our laundry/mud room.)

I kept all of these plants (and more!) alive in the hotel room. Where's my sticker?: 
thick window sill with plants

I was absolutely starving the morning of our move so I grabbed cinnamon rolls and baked them in our new oven. Because I COULD: 
double oven microwave combo

If you haven't had Trader Joe's cinnamon rolls you are missing out. Delish. 

I quickly realized having a house full of boxes wasn't going to fly with me. I knew it would drive me crazy. I was unpacking boxes as they were bringing them in. Boxes like this were my favorites: 
moving into a house

Lightweight? Check. Not much inside? Check. Easy to put away? Check. Lamp shade boxes were another favorite. 👊

By the way. We have a ton of pillows. Most of these were on the window seat (yes I'm planning to add another one!). But woooow: 
blue white green pillows

This is when I started sweating a little. Nope. Can't handle this for too long: 
moving in

The friends were visiting immediately and we feasted on delivery pizza: 
white table wood chairs

I've spent a lot of time outside. You don't do that a whole lot at a hotel. So sitting on our new patio has been a treat:
breakfast of champions

Another treat? Fresh air. We couldn't open windows at the hotel and I couldn't wait throw open the sashes. :) 

As much as I wanted all the boxes emptied right away I ended up being fine just having a walkway through most rooms. But by the end of the second day I had the kitchen, mud room, family room and the master bath pretty much finished up: 
faux marble tile in bathroom

BEAST MODE. That level of unpacking has not continued though. 😂 I've done about ten boxes in the past two days in comparison. 

Sweet neighbors brought us cupcakes the second day: 
white kitchen brass hardware

And I had wine to celebrate my unpacking binge. By the way, her cupcakes were delicious and the icing was the best I've ever had. I hope she'll share the recipe. 

The animals settled in almost immediately. All three of them have been cooped up in the tiny hotel for so long, and we could barely even wait to bring them to our home!! We knew they'd love it: 
dark gray chair

We still can't find our sheets. I don't even care. I was just thrilled we were able to get the sleep number connected and filled up on the first night. I woke up the next morning smiling: 
two windows on either side of bed

No. The nightstands are still not finished and yes I'm deciding between two lamps. :) 

I just sit, look around and smile like an idiot. Can't believe it and can't believe how much this place feels like home already: 
dark railings white spindles on stairs

That's pretty awesome by the way. That this house feels so comfortable so fast. I know it's because we picked everything out and saw the progress along the way. It's also because this was meant to be our house. When I got to know my husband, I knew he was meant to be my partner for life. When we came across our dog one day not even looking to adopt a pet, I knew he was meant to be our pup. When we walked into this house for the first time when it was just studs, I knew it was meant to be our home. 

As I mentioned, the cats are doing just fine:
round glass coffee table

You couldn't even walk through the mud room the first day. I mean, legit, boxes piled four feet in the air, flat boxes piled all over the entire floor. Oh and did I mention we haven't washed clothes in awhile because a. I was done paying for it when I knew we were moving in and b. you could fit about six things in each load there so a normal sized load cost about $10. I ain't doin' it. ;) 

We hooked up the washer and dryer yesterday and did a little happy dance. I've NEVER been so happy to do laundry. Ever: 
laundry with gray washer and dryer

A friend gifted this foaming bath a couple weeks ago at a gift exchange and I've used it twice so far here. If you're counting I've taken two baths and two showers in three days because I can: 
Foaming bath

Annnnd now I know exactly what I'm giving everyone I know for a housewarming gift from now on. A hot bubble bath after being on your feet all day is exquisite. 

Things are coming together, slow but sure. We've had a tiny TV in our room but hopefully as of tonight we'll be watching TV in the family room. Can I tell you how much I missed cable? We had it in the hotel but I never realized quite how amazing DVRs were. I mean, a gift from God. He knows. 

We've gone grocery shopping and it's actually been quite fun. I loathe grocery shopping and IT WAS FUN. Because we have a place to put food. :) I filled the baking jars again -- it's the little things. I was practically clicking my heels in the air as I filled them up: 
baking jars white subway tile

(I'm installing shelves there soon.) 

Most of the house? Looks like this:
future office

But I'm cool with it. It's going to take a long time. I joked that it would take about six months to unpack everything and now I'm thinking that may not be that far off. :) I don't even care. The main areas are mostly cleaned out and I'm getting used to seeing cardboard everywhere. As long as we're here I will gladly take it!!

I have to say...even though our "in between" got to me at times, it made me appreciate this house even more. I would recommend it to everyone at one point or another because you get a much different perspective on the little things in life. Opening the windows, baking, stretching out on the floor. All of the things. It's really changed how I look at home now, in a good way. 

OH and this process has changed how I look at our stuff now too. I've already got two boxes full of donate/sell and many more will be coming. I'm looking at so much of it and saying WHY did I keep this?? After not using some items for so long it lessens that attachment to them. Other things, like our bed? Those things I want to marry because I missed them so much. Anyway, more on that later. 

I'll be back with more updates and tours of the rooms! I LOVE THIS HOUSE!! Thanks for all your love and support, we have appreciated it so much!! 

P.S. I'm sharing stories on Instagram pretty often so you can get a good look at the progress there too. :)

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