Thursday, July 13, 2017

The power of paint!

Well hello! I'm back with another project down in this no-spend month! I told you I wasn't going to be quite as strict with it this time and I did cheat on Amazon Prime Day. 😬 I couldn't resist the instant pot. If you have recipes you love please send them my way! I'm excited to try it!

This is just a quick post to show you the power of paint -- specially WHITE paint. (One of my favorites.) So far this month I've finished up the bathroom makeover upstairs (LOVE). I've also gotten a bunch of little things done -- but what I'm most excited about lately are the painted cabinets in the basement! We've had unfinished cabinets in laundry room for years (probably three? four?) and the kitchenette in the family room area since early this year. 

I'm thrilled to finally have them done!! I couldn't even believe how good they look -- I will forever by a fan of bright white against dark wood. Forever. 

Here's how the cabinets looked in our laundry before: 

They are just two small, skinny cabinets but look how good they look white and bright!: 

I just love them with the pretty wood tone on the DIY floating shelves. 💗

The plan is to add crown to the top someday!

The hardware looks extra sharp on there now too -- I love it with our washer and dryer. :) 

By the way, if you can add a lamp in your laundry room do it -- it makes it so cozy. If you have to do laundry, I say make it enjoyable. 

To see how I built that shelf behind the washer and dryer, check out this post. And you can read my review of our LG washer and dryer here

Last time I shared our basement kitchenette, I showed you the new shelves on the chalkboard wall. Love: 

We moved some cabinets around and added some new ones to make the area a bit bigger. But those cabinets sat unfinished for six months. Does this surprise you? It shouldn't. 

Just look how good they look! 

I almost went dark on these but I'm so glad I kept it all bright -- again, I love that contrast: 

I love how the slightly rustic touches look with the black chalkboard wall and the white cabinets. Two more projects done!! Whoot! My list is long and much of it isn't super exciting, but I'll be sure to catch you up on the good stuff. I have a beautiful one to share with you next week! 

I've written two tutorials on how to paint cabinets over the years -- this one uses a brush and roller and this one uses a sprayer (for our kitchen cabinets). I think you'll find them helpful if you are considering doing the same!

Isn't paint awesome? I am pretty sure this gallon of paint has lasted a year -- and provided many wonderful makeovers. ;) Have a wonderful weekend my friends!