Monday, July 17, 2017

Simplifying the library shelves

Hello hello! Welcome to a new week! I'm sharing some small updates I've made to our dining room turned library built ins over the past few months. You may remember this room and how we transformed it from a rarely used dining room to this cozy space
dining room turned library

So when I get things the way I like them they rarely move...for years. For real, a bookshelf will look the same for five years (many of our surfaces have!) if I find a way I like them. Accessorizing kinda stresses me out so I don't mess with it often. :) 

But here it was feeling a little heavy to me, so late last year and then one the past few months I've started changing out a few things and simplifying a bit. Most of it was editing -- I usually find taking away usually makes more of an impact than adding. I removed some of the brighter books for a more soothing look. It really made a big difference! I kept a few because I'm not going to be the crazy red book lady, but removing some of them toned it down a bit. 

Then I paired down the items on the shelves a little and changed the direction of some things: 
How to build DIY built in bookcases

Those lower shelves were feeling cramped to me before, so as you can see I changed out some of the pieces with bigger but simpler items. The wood horse I found at an antique shop -- it's not antique but it looks like it! All the parts of the legs move and I just think it's the coolest. 

I went with a lot of wood tones there to calm those spots a little: 
DIY built in bookcases using kitchen cabinets

They tie in beautifully with the wood beads on the chandelier
How to decorate bookcases

I purchased a few pieces for the shelves awhile back -- I think most were from Target. Those wood and glass candle holders are so pretty -- I showed you how I use those at Christmas with the LED lights here. And the wood and glass terrarium was from Target too. I think the wood finial was from At Home? I had the rest of the stuff and moved it to those shelves. 

By the way, I got those chairs on sale at World Market years ago and still love them. They are super comfy -- they look more charcoal online but are more of a blue gray. 

I just love how it's calmed a bit -- I always say giving your space room to breathe makes a BIG difference!! Isn't that horse the coolest?:
Wall of built in bookcases

I wrote a whole post on how to decorate bookcases here -- I think they are the hardest to accessorize! What do you find hardest to decorate? Bookcases? Dressers? Coffee tables? I struggle with them all -- and once I find what works it rarely changes. ;) 

You can see how I built those built ins with kitchen cabinets here and see the transformation of the room over the years here

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